Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This is water...

image from You Tube
The viral nature of thoughts and ideas across the ether brought this video to my attention today. The video was released 9 days ago. The words were written some 8 years ago. The presenter, David Foster Wallace died almost 5 years ago. The words were written for a commencement speech delivered to a graduating class of college students by an author and educator.  

As well as being beautifully produced, the video produced by The Glossary struck a chord. It was a reminder for people to look outside their own spheres - and to understand that - you - me - are not the center of the universe... the world does not evolve around us alone. The full speech, as given can be found here

As is often the case with introspective and insightful people, Wallace suffered from bouts of depression - and prematurely ended his own life. 

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