Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Char Siu Pork - BBQ Pork Chinese Style

Pork fillets always seem to be packaged as a pair. For our family, one is usually consumed and the second saved or frozen for another meal. While preparing one fillet, I left the other in a Char Siu marinade for a couple of days. 
It had been some time since I had made Char Siu - so thought I would give it another try. I often ate this dish when I spent time house-sharing with my cousin Julian and his (future) wife Barbara. I consulted my comprehensive Complete Asian Cookbook by Charmaine Solomon for the recipe, also found here. I also added a small amount of red food dye to give an authentic look to the pork. This marinade quantity is enough for two fillets. I use Charmaine's method 2 for cooking - on a rack over water. 
I found the cooking time of 45 minutes to be a little too long. I heated some of the water from the cooking pan, mixed with leftover marinade and added some cornflour (cornstarch) to thicken. I added a little more hoi sin and soy sauce to taste and used this for a gravy over the pork. I served the pork with brown basmati rice and boiled baby bok choy, drained and then quickly panfried in a little peanut oil and soy sauce. 

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