Sunday, May 5, 2013

Great Train Race

I'm proud of the kids. They completed their third Great Train Race! ...well, third year as Nic and Mietta ran the Caboose (400m) race for the first year. This race is one mile in length and is for children only. It is very well organized, punctual with an emphasis on fun and participation. There are separate heats for each age group and for each gender. There are some very fast kids - the fastest this year was a local 16yo, completing the mile in 4:41! In fact there were five boys completing the race in under 5 minutes. 
All children bettered their times from last year. Luc beat his last year's time by 23 seconds, Mietta by 1min 8 sec and Nic by 1min 54 seconds!
After finishing the race, we went to Carl's for an ice-cream or shake... as this seems to have become our GTR day tradition! 

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