Sunday, May 19, 2013

They're baaaaaack...!

The cicadas arrived last Wednesday. Of course, they have been living under the ground for the last 17 years... so it was about time! We have been fascinated by these insects - and have finally seen not only the discarded exoskeletons, but also the cicada in the process emerging from its too-small-shell. 
Although we didn't witness it, we were aware of the cicada 'uprising' in Chicago around 5 years ago... as our *suburban* friends bewailed the arrival of these creatures - en masse. Of course, cicadas emerge every spring/summer, but the emergence of particular 'broods' of red-eyed magicicadas are certain and their patterns are known well in advance. The Spring of 2013 is Brood II's year. This is a peculiarity to this part of the world

The talk of Cicada's has coincided with the United Nations recommendation that the consumption of insects could help alleviate a global shortfall in protein sources. Paul played this report to me. Some fascinating discussion has ensued. I heard an interview with Peter Menzal last week. Peter and his wife, Faith D'Aluisio, co-authored (the brilliantly-titled) Man Eating Bugs - describing their insect-eating (entomophagy) experiences in some 13 countries. 

My sister-in-law Naomi was no stranger to insect consumption during the year she spent in Thailand. I was also impressed to see photos of the kid's friends Anahera, Max and Kaia, munching on scorpions in Beijing. 
we had wondered about the proliferation of strange holes in our yard!

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