Thursday, May 16, 2013

Help for urban terrorists...

thermal heat reading - no tree canopy
thermal heat reading - with tree canopy 
images from Sydney Morning Herald 
I really liked Sydney City Council's proactive approach to making urban areas more comfortable spaces in which people can live work and play. The City's Urban Forest Strategy aims to increase tree canopy coverage in city areas. The Council appreciates that trees not only provide visual improvement but ensure many positive environmental impacts. I applaud the initiative's empowerment of residents to have some influence on tree provision and selection. 

I happen to know at least two urban terrorists - people who haven't waited for civic institutions to take action... but who have secretly planted trees in public places, under the cover of night. These trees, many years later have become an intrinsic part of the urban tapestry - the inception of planting unbeknownst, but a personal attachment grown over time and through familiarity.

I  liked the premise for the Neighborwoods program and its understanding that monocultural or native planting need not be the guiding principle, but that a tapestry is made all the richer for its diversity, staggered maturation and appreciation and reflection of trends in time. Bravo. 

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