Monday, March 9, 2009

Our little Mietta is now 6 months old!

How time has flown. Our little Mietta is now six months old. 

Mietta continues to be an absolute delight and easily puts everyone in a good mood; dissolving all of Paul’s work stress with a simple smile, making the boys happy with a giggle and by just being a joyful, calm and lovely baby. Paul describes Mietta’s smiles as ‘smiling like a muppet’ - as her whole face opens up with pure delight. 

Mietta now has two teeth. This hasn’t however made her any more willing to eat solid foods. We have only tried a few foods (rice cereal, pear, carrot, banana, rusks), but Mietta has shown very little interest so far - definitely more a Nic than a Luc in the eating department.

One of Mietta’s favourite toys is paper. Any kind. Catalogues, comic books, printed instructions, books, pamphlets... anything paper is grasped and chewed as intensely as possible until we take it away from her. To take a piece of paper away from Mietta is to make her really cross. I had to extract some paper from Mietta the other day as she chewed it until all the ink ran and started to turn her blue. Her replacement piece was chewed until she bit some off and started to choke. 

Mietta moves around the floor but only has one direction: backwards. She drives herself insane when she gets herself caught under furniture. Mietta gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forwards - typically when it is time to go to sleep. Once she puts these two movements together she will be crawling very soon. 

Photo: Mietta gets herself stuck under the coffee table... again. Her hand is blue from eating a printed page.