Sunday, April 8, 2012

find those eggs!

Another egg hunt in our garden! Great fun 
The dogwoods are in bloom. These are the state tree for Virginia and are truly stunning. 

An absence of (authentic) Hot Cross Buns in this country saw me desperate enough to make my very first batch. Although time-consuming, these were well worth the effort. Yum! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Curious Case of Curious George...

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My children are clued-in to the fact that Curious George is not a monkey. He doesn't have a tail. After all... all the monkeys at the Lincoln Park Zoo had tails! Perhaps George suffered an amputation... perhaps this is the reason that he is able to get away with so much: being considered 'disabled' and therefore people treading lightly around his *disability*.

The 'Man-in-the-yellow-hat' is affable yet clearly an eccentric. This is obviously a very good trait when dealing with those inflicted with a heavy dose of 'curiosity'. I wish I had an ounce of his patience dealing with my kids - I really don't consider theft, havoc and the resultant mayhem and pandemonium that seems to revolve around George with as much glee or humor as the Man-in-the-yellow-hat seems to muster with George's transgressions. I do wish I could however.

I am surprised that, living in this country, the Man-in-the-yellow-hat has not been hit with a huge lawsuit for some of George's misdemeanors. I have come to the conclusion that the man in the yellow hat is independently wealthy. This would explain his ability to keep a monkey, a weekend retreat in the country, not appear to have to work, ability to pay out-of-hand reparations for George's catastrophes, and the luxury of time to support his miriad hobbies: long-distance running, exploration, art, space travel... Actually, the man in the yellow hat might be quite a catch?!?!

My husband Paul, sent me a link to Werner Herzog reading Curious George. I had a chuckle!