Saturday, March 22, 2008

Snow Bunnies

It is now officially Spring. Not that we would know it given yesterday’s very snowy day. Today we took the boys to an Easter Egg hunt at the local Sunshine Park. As last year (when it was very cold and there was even a snow flurry), the number of children attending was small and eggs bountiful. We spoke to one parent who had mentioned a park that was so popular for egg hunts, that the children had to queue and were given a time limit! 

The boys met Easter Bunny and then had some fun trudging through the snow to collect their stash. It was a beautiful day to spend in the snow: snow was fresh and deep, sun was out, and no chilly wind. We eventually had to leave after Luc was pummeled by a snow ball thrown by Paul and Nic was almost in tears because his hands were so cold. 

I was impressed that this year the plastic eggs did not contain candy - but instead, small trinkets, stickers and toys. 

Photo: Luc and Nicolas collect as many eggs as they can carry. 

Sunday, March 9, 2008

How many Gearon boys can one girl handle?

Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by all the ‘boyness’ in our household: the obsession with space, wrestling, super heroes / super-villains, dirt, and vehicles of any sort. I grew up a ‘tomboy’ and ended up studying in a profession where girls were the exception (i.e. industrial design). I felt I could handle ‘boy pursuits’ and all the testosterone well-enough at the time... but recent events have left me wondering - could I handle another boy? 

Paul’s brother Arthur arrived today in a mix of exhaustion, hunger and uber enthusiasm - things I have come to expect from the males in our household. It is great to see Arthur and we are looking forward to introducing him to Chicago. The boys welcomed him easily (as they tend to do with males in our family). It is a great experience for Luc and Nicolas to become accustomed to more forgotten family. Even more boys in the household? It could be possible… of course it is most definitely likely… as Paul and I are expecting baby number 3! 

Having always wanted three children (and flatly refusing Paul’s desire for 5 children), it is all still a wee bit surprising given we hadn’t actually finished the conversation we were having about the timing / eventuality of a third child. We guess that conversation has been finished for us! We now play the growing game. I now have to mentally prepare myself for the possibility of more testosterone in our small abode. People may see me back in Australia by the end of the year if it all gets too much for me! September the 8th has been determined to be the ‘revealing day’ – we will all know then. 

On the other hand, the prospect of three boys is quite exciting - and a little less daunting - as we have already had experience in the boy-arena and pretty much think we have this sussed now. GIven the closeness and rapport of Luc and Nic (who appear to be chalk and cheese), it will no doubt be a lot of fun - and the boys should be friends for life. Paul is also quite excited at the prospect of using “My three Sons...” as an introduction.   

Luc is excited at the idea of another baby. He and Nic accompanied us to our first scan (at 7 weeks). We were pretty confident that Luc wouldn’t cotton on to what was happening during the ‘doctor visit’… but then he wanted to know what the machine ‘found in Mummy’ and his curiosity piqued when the scanner lady mentioned the word ‘heartbeat’. He referred to the ‘heartbeat’ as an object – as in ‘there is a heartbeat in Mummy’. Paul asked him what might have a heartbeat – trying to draw Luc away from the exciting prospects of a robot or alien. After much questioning, Luc finally worked out that there was a ‘baby inside Mummy’.  

Luc is convinced that the baby will be a boy. He has mentioned several times that he wants another ‘baby Nic’ as he is fearing that Nic is growing up and losing the ‘baby’ qualities that Luc finds so endearing. 

I asked Luc what his name choice would be for a baby, thinking he might mention a name of a friend or some super hero. He replied that he thought we should name the baby Magafying Glass Packy Bacon. I mentioned to him that this was quite an unusual name for a baby. He retorted “Well in Chicago, yes. But not other places”. 

My tummy is expanding a little faster this pregnancy. I was rubbing it, Luc joined me and wanted to know if it was the baby he could feel. I told him that the baby would be very tiny at this stage, and there was a lot of other stuff there that the baby needed to help it grow. I added that the baby had a lot of growing to do before it would be ready to come out. “Will it get as big as Nic?” I looked at him aghast as I told him that “I certainly hope not!” Next logical question. “How will it get out?” I pointed in the appropriate direction and said “Out that way” “Will it come out of your bottom?”… then later “How did it get there?”  My answers were as honest and as vague as an almost-four-year-old needed.   

Photo: The Gearon boys sit (mostly) still enough for me to grab a photo before Arthur departs.