Saturday, March 22, 2008

Snow Bunnies

It is now officially Spring. Not that we would know it given yesterday’s very snowy day. Today we took the boys to an Easter Egg hunt at the local Sunshine Park. As last year (when it was very cold and there was even a snow flurry), the number of children attending was small and eggs bountiful. We spoke to one parent who had mentioned a park that was so popular for egg hunts, that the children had to queue and were given a time limit! 

The boys met Easter Bunny and then had some fun trudging through the snow to collect their stash. It was a beautiful day to spend in the snow: snow was fresh and deep, sun was out, and no chilly wind. We eventually had to leave after Luc was pummeled by a snow ball thrown by Paul and Nic was almost in tears because his hands were so cold. 

I was impressed that this year the plastic eggs did not contain candy - but instead, small trinkets, stickers and toys. 

Photo: Luc and Nicolas collect as many eggs as they can carry. 

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