Sunday, April 20, 2008

The trees have it

It is officially Spring. The trees say so as they finally unfurl their new leaves. Luc likened the clumps of new leaves to broccoli (his favourite vegetable!) Every warm day we have had recently, so far, ...and no leaves. The trees know better. We should know by our third Spring that the trees will in no way unleash their green until there is absolutely NO chance of snow or sub-zero temperature. I just looked at the weather forecast. No days anywhere close to 0℃ in the foreseeable future. YEEHHAAAA! 

This winter has been particularly brutal - even by Chigagoan standards. It started in October, and has just now finished, in April. I thought people were joking when they said Winter could be (a minimum) six months long in Chicago. It makes me wonder why anyone would choose to live here.... and then Spring happens in an instant and Summer is just SO lovely. OH NO... we don’t have any summer clothes! 

Photo: The trees unfurling their... broccoli! 

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