Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Boys will be dogs

The simple, straightforward sense of humour of children really catches me out sometimes, and makes me fall about... with both laughter and embarrassment. 

Yesterday, after putting some music on for the boys to dance to, an Elvis song, Hound Dog, came on. Luc did his best Elvis impression - how it was so accurate, I’m really not sure. I can only think back to videos (perhaps) shown at Graceland last year - I really don’t know. I commented on how well he impersonated Elvis. Luc then explained “And now this is Elvis... Dead”, throwing himself onto the floor, on his back, with arms and legs stiff in the air ‘à la hound dog’. It was brilliant! 

We visited one of our local coffee shops today. One of the regular customers, Gina, walked in with her very cute and adorable Jack Russell Terrier, Miles. Gina is very obliging and happily lets the boys play with Miles for a bit (as does Miles). She indulged Nic by letting him feed Miles some dog treats. Miles gave Nic some dog kisses - which of course, Nic loved. 

A couple of ladies walked into the coffee shop, took one look at Miles and exclaimed “Isn’t he cute!” Not to be outdone, Nic, sitting up on his haunches, panted at the women. They both laughed. Given the reaction, Nic barked and went over to them to rub against their legs... or so I thought. It wasn’t until it was a little too late that I realised that Nic actually went over to lick them! I apologised for my puppy’s behaviour. They just laughed and noted how impressed they were at the lengths he took his role-play to! 

Photo: Gearon boys at the Adler Planetarium. 

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