Monday, May 5, 2008

My brother, my canvas

Luc is a prolific drawer - as of the last month or so. He is obsessed with drawing robots, scenes from favourite movies, babies in-utero, etc. Iron Giant has been a recent obsession - partly fuelled, I think, by the lead character Hogarth idly drawing while in the classroom. Luc has amazed us with his drawings and his ability to recall and recreate scenes from a movie - with quite some detail. He obviously has some talent in this area. 

Paul showed the boys a preview for the Iron Man movie on the weekend. This, of course, has become the latest obsession and subject matter for drawings. Luc is constantly asking us for more paper as he completes his drawings. We obviously don’t always provide him with paper in a timely manner... as he has started using Nic as his canvas. Nic obliges given his obsession with Iron Man. The photo above demonstrates Luc rendering Nic with an Iron Man suit (the Mark 3 suit - that happens to be gold and red - of course).