Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sweet Creamy Mustard Chicken

Last night, with very little inspiration but the 'right' ingredients, I resorted to making one of the family's favorite meals. For want of a better description, it is 'Sweet Creamy Mustard Chicken'. Sometimes it is Pork. Sometimes it is Veal. Most often it is Mushroom. Sometimes it is less sweet. The 'richness' of this recipe is a great way to make chicken breasts go a little further - 3 were ample for our family of 5. 
Firstly, I cut each chicken breast into approximately three equally sized medallions. I cut the thicker parts in half to make thinner slices. I coat each piece of chicken in some flour seasoned with ground pepper. I then panfry these in some butter and olive oil. Once all the chicken is cooked, I set this aside and I deglaze the pan with some Sherry/Marsala/Verjuice/White Wine. Last night it was Cream Sherry (hence the sweetness). I then add some sliced mushrooms. When these have softened, I add some cream (maybe half a cup) and a good tablespoon (or two) of Wholegrain Mustard. I heat this through and then add the cooked chicken - coating each chicken medallion in the sauce. I plate the chicken pieces, thin the sauce (if needed) with a little milk, make sure this is heated through then pour over the chicken on the plates. I serve with vegetables. 
Last night's vegetables included oven roasted potato and sweet potato and a medley of sautéed red onion, red pepper, zucchini and baby spinach. I really wanted a 'green' vegetable such as asparagus spears - but alas, we were out. 

The range of vegetables reminded me of the times I shared a house with my friend Melissa. We would always try and thwart the old 'meat and three veg' mantra by adding as many vegetables to a meal as we could muster. We'd often serve a 'meat and eight veg' meal! Last night's veg included: mushrooms, red pepper, red onion, zucchini, spinach, potato, sweet potato and a garnish of spring/green onion. 

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