Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Santa Barbara

I had the BEST weekend! It was also bittersweet. I visited my sister Jenni and her family in Santa Barbara as they prepare to start a new life in Shanghai. I will miss them all. 

Despite Jenni having lived in Santa Barbara for about three years, this was my first visit. Some soon-to-expire flight award points were the catalyst. Jenni has managed to visit us twice in Virginia, traveling with children - so this visit was well overdue.

I do miss air travel. My last flight was four years ago when I visited Jenni in the tiny village of Arnesby in the UK. Actually, let's rephrase that... I do miss air-travel, the way it used to be: without all the fuss, scans, crowding, reduced service, additional costs here there and everywhere, paranoia... and children to keep occupied!

Jenni is going to miss Santa Barbara. I LOVED it. The atmosphere was so relaxed, the people friendly, the food sensational, the weather perfect. There was a distinct small-town feel - but not a parochial one. Everyone I met was worldly, intelligent and open. People were walking about, cycling, skateboarding, running and rollerblading. The majority looked fit and healthy. Definitely my type of place.   

I will write some more when I get the chance... 

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