Thursday, February 9, 2006

We are here!

We are now in Chicago! We arrived safely (and exhausted) yesterday evening. Paul’s workmate John met us at the airport and drove us through peak hour traffic and falling snow to our apartment (for the next 8 or so weeks). He made us feel very welcome with some frozen pizzas and a bottle of red. Thank you John. The city skyline is truly spectacular at night as the fuzzy photo above will attest (note snowflakes).

Luc and Nic were excellent during the trip over. With over 17 hours flying time, lots of waiting in-between, missed meals and strange environments, the boy’s behaviour was commendable and even elicited comment from some (obviously relieved) fellow travellers.

When we finally got up and going today (after 2pm!) we set off for the Social Security office with the boys in our stroller. It was cold outside - top temperature of 2℃. Snow is forecast for tomorrow. We will need to get ourselves some more warm clothes. We visited Marshall Field’s department store, a very large store in an old building with stunning atrium. I was waiting for Paul and someone commented on how they liked my Ugg boots! Like that would ever happen in Australia.

I spent some time in the US during 1993, and again when we visited Hawaii last year... but, those little differences still astound: toilets so full of water that they look blocked, light switches that switch up to turn on, over 155 TV channels, built in sink plugs, light switches in bedrooms that do not appear to work as there are no ceiling or wall lights (switches are linked to power points instead), traffic travelling down streets on the right hand side, prices that don’t include tax, 100% fruit juice made from reconstituted juice with additives (I think that makes it 150% ?!?)... give us some time and this will become the norm.

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