Thursday, February 16, 2006

Beginning of week two

It is about time that I make another blog entry... several ‘gentle’ reminders have led me to do so. We have had a busy time since we arrived.

On Tuesday morning, the boys and I caught a cab north to an indoor play facility called Fantasy Kingdom. We met up with Polly and her son Callum and her friend Lynda and her sons Jack and Wyatt. I was introduced to Polly via Sharon, a friend from high school (thanks for the intro Sharon). Polly and her husband (originally from England) have lived in Chicago for a number of years with a stint in Amsterdam in between. We were able to catch up a little, while the boys had a great time on slides, playing trains and hooning around in little cars. Luc was in heaven when he found not only Buzz Lightyear, but a Woody doll as well. It took quite an effort to drag one very overtired little boy away from this facility.

Yesterday we ventured into the city to sign some paperwork at the Australian Consulate, have a quick lunch with Paul and then partake in a spot of shopping. I take the boys out in our Valco stroller with a toddler seat attachment on the front for Luc. Lynda tells me that Valco (from Australia) and Phil & Ted (from New Zealand) strollers are very popular over here. I wrapped Luc in a blanket yesterday, but am seeking some other means of keeping him warm (as the blanket is often discarded in transit).

Chicago is very accessible via stroller. It is nice and flat - none of the treacherous hills of Brisbane. The kerbs are rollover, or have pram ramps, most larger buildings have a disabled access door (with push button access), all the pedestrian crossings have automatic crossing signals (no buttons to press), the city has a grid street pattern (very easy to navigate) and the numbering system is very straightforward and foolproof... we are going to get great use out of our stroller - particularly during the warmer months.

Today it was a little too cold and wet to get out. Instead, Yolanda (Yoli, who works nearby) came over for lunch. It was really nice to have some more adult company, make friends and learn some more about this city.

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