Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Departure Lounge

Here I sit in the Qantas Club at the Brisbane International Airport. We have checked in, passed through Passport Control and are now waiting to board our flight. It all seems a little surreal! Our house has been packed up and the contents are destined for Chicago and Chinchilla (for storage while we are gone).

We have just had some of the most stressful days trying to organise things and tie up (the majority of) our loose ends. For all those that we did not see before we departed, please accept our most sincere apologies - our time was completely taken up with preparing for our move. We crashed last night in a hotel, having a dinner of pizza and beer with some close friends. Luc wanted to go ‘home’ this morning... where is that now?!

Paul’s parents accompanied us to the airport to wish us farewell. A great big thank you to Paul and Naureen for all your help leading up to our departure. Farewell Australia... my next blog entry will be from the USA.

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