Sunday, February 5, 2006

Nic on the move

Give the boy a Bouncinette and he is on the move. We find it kind of funny to find out where Nic manages to move himself (across the dining room and into the kitchen, through the living area) in a such a short amount of time. Check out the Cuddle Nic movie for an idea of how he does it.

This morning he really scared us... Nic was lying with us on our bed when he made his first roll (from back to tummy). He even managed to extract his trapped arm (the arm he rolled onto). He is not yet 3 months old!

Both of our boys seem to be in a hurry to move. Luc was ‘combat’ crawling at 5 months and crawling on his hands and knees at 6 months of age. Nic is very wriggly and moves along his cot (crib) or along the floor whether on his back or his tummy.

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