Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Boxed in

The packing has begun. Our house is now full of boxes. We have been left with our beds and furniture and several plates, bowls, a couple of mugs and glasses. Our crockery, cookware and most of our clothes are now inaccessible. It is kind of like camping out in our own house (although we are comfortable at the same time).

This morning we said goodbye to Paul’s brother Matthew and his friend Shaun (sp?). These boys helped us out tremendously over the last couple of days with a heap of sugar-soaping, undercoating the front fence and some general gardening work. Thank you so very much you two.

Our stress levels increased with a distinct lack of visas (we jump at the sound of any vehicle in our street), a car service (and resultant lack of car for a day, and long list of expensive items to be rectified for a road-worthiness certificate - required to sell the car), a suspected stolen wallet (after Paul found some strange guy entering our house - and the Pickfords man having his vehicle rifled through), and desperately trying to keep ahead of the packing. Very sleepy...

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