Thursday, February 2, 2006

Ugg, ugg and away...

Our visas have arrived! It is now official... we will be leaving for Chicago next Wednesday. It is a real relief to finally be sure that everything has been approved and that we will be on our way... soon! Just as we had resigned ourselves to the fact that it might take weeks or even months before everything was sorted (given the experiences of others we know who have gone through the immigration / residency process).

The photo above is of the Ugg boots that I bought for Luc and myself from Ozbootz and Ugg booties for Nic from Ugg Store. It is a little disconcerting buying shoes online - but these all fit really well - and should keep our feet a little warmer. Snow has been forecast for this weekend. The temperature looks as it will be climbing by the time we arrive with Monday expecting a temperature range of -8℃ to 1℃. Brrrrrrrr

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