Saturday, February 18, 2006


We had an interesting start to our day. Paul and I had a little sleep in (until 8:30am) when we were about to get the boys up for nappy changes and breakfast. Paul went in to check in on Luc to find he wasn’t there! He wasn’t anywhere to be found in the apartment - we checked all rooms / cupboards / closets / Wiggle House, the corridor, rubbish room, etc. We started to really panic. Paul threw on some clothes and rushed down to see our building’s doorman. He found Victor, holding a pajama-clad Luc, looking a little ‘concerned’ but not too worried (after all, he had his essentials: Buzz Lightyear and his water bottle). Victor had tried to contact us but we didn’t hear him knock on our door (our ‘silent’ humidifier is anything but!). Victor made the not too subtle suggestion that a ‘pizza reward’ might be in order - Paul gave him enough money for three pizzas - we were so relieved to have Luc found. Victor had heard someone pushing the ‘call’ button in the lift, but no-one spoke when he answered the call - when he went to investigate, he found Luc! We had an inkling that this ‘might’ happen as there is no way we can lock our door securely from the inside.

We made a family visit to the Sears Tower today. This was the world’s tallest building for some time before being overtaken by Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. The views were stunning - we could see all the way to Michigan! From the Sears Tower we caught a cab to Millennium Park. This is an awesome park - one that we will need to spend more time in - particularly in summer. It was just too cold to spend anytime outdoors (-16°C) so we had an early dinner at Park Grill. This was a great establishment - popular with the pre-theatre set, but still very accommodating for young children. We watched people ice-skating outdoors... we are just so many miles away from sub-tropical Brisbane!

For those that have asked about setting up a web page, first get yourself an Apple computer (!), then a brilliant package called iWeb. This has templates that make web design and layout really easy. The .mac server provides a host for our web page and email. For those that are PC-based, perhaps a site called Go Daddy might be able to help. This is a web and email host service. There must be a heap of providers that provide similar services.

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