Saturday, January 21, 2006

Time to panic...?!

Yesterday Paul and I were talking about our likely departure date. At this stage it is anticipated that 3rd February will be the day we jet off. This is remarkably close! We have just initiated ‘panic stations’...

Thinking of what we need to achieve before we depart is a little scary: only the garden to do, the bathroom to paint, our house to rent, our car to sell, our visa interview in Sydney, closing accounts, doctors / dentist appointments (before our insurance finishes), catching up with people before we leave.... OH, then there is the packing to do! All to do whilst attending to the needs of our two young lads.

Given what we need to achieve, we have decided it might be better for visitors and well-wishers to visit us to say their good-byes. If you are about and have a moment, drop by for a cup of tea or coffee and a quick chat. You will need to excuse the ensuing chaos and our possible frantic pace, but please feel welcome to visit.

Please do not feel offended if we do not have the time to see you, do not have the opportunity to call or we do not answer emails, etc.

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