Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bedroom bedlam

The picture of Paul, above, is Luc’s first ever photograph! He framed the photo, clicked the button, and was very proud of the result (although Paul isn’t so thrilled).

We had yet another panic yesterday when we were told we would be put up in a 1 bedroom apartment on our arrival to Chicago. This filled us with an extreme amount of dread at the prospect of 4 people sharing a bedroom for the next 8 or so weeks. Our fears were allayed this morning when we were informed that Paul’s company had found us a 2 bedroom apartment in the same building - PHEW! The apartment building is located approximately 4 blocks from Paul’s work which will make his commute really easy (as long as he keeps warm along the way!)

Yesterday we attended the 2nd birthday party of Thomas Jones. Lots of chocolate cake ensured some super-charged toddlers. It took some effort on Jacqui’s part to prevent several little boys attempts to blow out the birthday cake candles after a chorus of “Happy Birthday”. It was sad saying our Good-byes to the members of our Baby Club: friends / confidants and welcome adult company for myself and great little playmates for Luc over the last couple of years.

Visits to the chiropractor for all of us and the GP for Luc’s 2-year check up and for myself, were made. We want to be sure we are in good health before we leave as we are a little fearful of the American health care system.

Paul’s brother Arthur and his girlfriend Nikki came over to help clean up under the house. They did a magnificent job - amongst several trips to the tip and copious sweeping. Several visitors were somewhat ignored as I continued to paint the bathroom - a great big SORRY to you all! ...and I am now out of paint. We will have to visit Bunnings tomorrow morning as my favoured hardware does not stock the paint in small quantities such as I need.

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