Sunday, January 22, 2006

A day in the park

This morning we took the boys to the park to catch up with our friends Georgina & Michael (who live on the Sunshine Coast - and were in town), Paul & Jacque, Tania & Craig and their respective boys and dogs. Appearing in the picture above are: Angus, Thomas, Zachary, Luc and Nic. The boys had a great time together.

We will really miss all these people. Tania and Craig brought around a very yummy dinner for us last night - including baked pudding! I hope we are able to make such good friends while we are in Chicago.

During the afternoon we had a visit from friends Bernard & Anthea who will be visiting Chicago sometime around May (our first visitors perhaps?).

The undercoat was to be painted in the bathroom today... only the roller-brush went ‘missing’... I’m sure it will be found sometime in the future, along with a variety of other household items that have been disappearing over time (the works of a curious toddler, no doubt).

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