Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Paul, Nic and I are off to Sydney tomorrow for our interview at the American Consulate. We decided we would go down just for the day, and that way, we wouldn’t need to take Luc with us. Luc’s Nanna and Grandpa (Gearon) are arriving this afternoon (from Chinchilla) to look after Luc for the day. We thought we would take advantage of their presence (and baby sitting abilities) to go out for dinner Wednesday night... our last opportunity for some time (or at least until we find some baby sitters in Chicago).

We are having the Pickfords group do the majority of packing for us. This will make things easier for us when it is time to leave our house. In the meantime however, it has been quite chaotic trying to work out what will be sent to: Chicago, Chinchilla, The Salvation Army, offloaded to friends / family or the rubbish heap. The resultant piles keep altering with subsequent revisions and culls. We are getting there...

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