Monday, January 23, 2006

Peas in a pod?

A number of people have commented on how similar the boys look as infants. Here are a couple of photos to compare. In the photos, Luc (on top) is just over 7 weeks and Nic is just over 9 weeks old. It looks like Nic might be forming dimples too! I hope he does... the boys will be able to use them to great advantage (as Luc already has).

The major difference at this comparative stage is the hair and eye colour: Nic has lots of dark hair, while Luc had blonde hair and less of it; Luc had bright blue eyes while Nic’s eyes haven’t ‘settled’ on a colour yet. Some days they appear to be blue-grey, others, green-brown. Nic’s hair already has a curl, while Luc’s did not start to curl until he was at least 6 months of age.

The majority of people regard Luc as a ‘mini Paul’ while comments regarding Nic have likened him to me. As far as Paul and I are concerned, Luc looks like Luc and Nic has lots of similarities to Luc!

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