Thursday, December 5, 2013

believe dream inspire

I LOVE when the kids pull on their creativity hats. It has become somewhat of a tradition for the kids to submit an artwork to the Reflections Art Competition. This year was Luc's 5th submission, Nic's 3rd and Mietta's 1st. Run by each school's PTA, Reflections is a national competition that has a 40+ year history.

The process was a little painful this year. I had given the kids the WHOLE summer to give their submission some thought. This year's theme was "Believe, Dream, Inspire". Nothing like a firm (and close) deadline to inspire and motivate. 
Luc had wanted to make a movie about going to Mars. He had completed a series of storyboard cards and some test shots... but this is where his project stalled. As Paul and I were madly finishing his Halloween costume at the same time his Reflections submission was due, we suggested that Luc somehow document the costume-making process. This challenge he took up with enthusiasm - and did an admirable job. I figured he would use some Doctor Who music for his soundtrack, but ended up using Beethovan's Moonlight Sonata - which worked brilliantly with the frenetic pace of his movie. 
Mietta has been making many Healthy/Unhealthy eating charts - madly cutting and gluing images found in supermarket flyers and catalogues. Healthy eating and Happiness became her theme. I helped with the cutting of cardboard while Mietta directed (!)
Nic's preferred media became apparent after finding many interesting images appear on my iPad (via Photobooth and other photo-manipulating programs). His brother and sister became his willing (if somewhat silly) models. 

We were thrilled to hear that each child won first prize in each of their respective categories. Perhaps the submissions were somewhat slim this year? Regardless, we look forward to seeing how their submissions do at County level. 

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