Friday, November 1, 2013

tricky... but a real halloween treat

Paul has been somewhat preoccupied the last couple of weeks - madly finishing a Dalek costume for Luc to wear on Halloween for Trick or Treating. I have been up to my elbows in papier mâché and spackle. Luc has been taking part in all aspects of building the Dalek as well as documenting the construction to complete a movie for the PTA's Reflections art contest. He has been so appreciative and it is great to see him beam each morning at whatever we were able to accomplish after he had gone to bed the night before. Daleks are the most evil creatures appearing on Dr Who television show. I have written about them before here. 
Paul and I work really well as a team whenever we have a special project to complete. This was a project and a half! It was actually a really fun family project - we just wish we had given it a bit more time - perhaps - as many late nights took their toll. 
Nic wanted to be Master Chief from Halo - a video game he is desperate to play (only we don't have a gaming device... what a shame!) We resorted to buying him a costume. Mietta planned her own Hello Kitty costume. Paul made her some ears and painted her face... and she was more than happy with the result. Any guilt we felt with all our efforts into making ONE costume for ONE child were dispelled once we had three uber excited kids running about in the spirit of Halloween. A neighbor commented on how happy they each appeared with each costume perfectly suited to their particular personality. 

Luc has posted his movie on YouTube. He titled it Genesis of a Costume. Note that this movie does not play on mobile devices. 

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