Saturday, November 30, 2013


I give great thanks to my awesome family.
Our situation, living far from family, has necessitated that we form a closer bond than we might had we been living closer to 'home'. Subsequently, we actually enjoy each other's company. 
We look forward to Thanksgiving. This is our opportunity to be together, spend a day chatting while all working together to make and partake in a special meal.

Paul's insistence that we prepare 'traditional' dishes, has led to an expectation that we will have turkey accompanied by favorite American side dishes and pie for dessert. The children worked out our menu the weekend before Thanksgiving and we wrote a shopping list. Apple pie won the pie poll. 
proud pie maker
Mietta had a great time helping make the pie, using the remaining apples from our apple picking outing. Paul was responsible for brining and cooking the turkey and making gravy, the boys prepared the appetizers (aka lunch) and I made the side dishes: sweet potatoes topped with marshmallow, mashed potato, cranberry sauce and brussels sprouts (because I did the shopping, and nobody could complain). 
We started our festivities with a glass of bubbly. Over a cranberry syrup, we poured sparkling cider for the kids and Prosecco for Paul and myself. 

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