Wednesday, November 6, 2013

apple pickin' kids

There are so many elections that happen in this country on a very regular basis. This merely contributes to voter fatigue and an overwhelming apathy about the election process. One upside however, is knowing far in advance that the kids will have a day off school on the first Tuesday of November, every two years! Just in time for apples to be picked.
Of course, as a Melbournian, the first Tuesday in November has always held significance for me: being the day the Melbourne Cup is run. As it is the 'race that stops a nation' the Cup provides a perfectly legitimate excuse to partake in Champagne, some cooked chook, a picnic/party/celebratory lunch and an annual flutter to back a winner. 
We drove to Charlottesville to pick apples at Carter Mountain Orchard. Unfortunately, all the Pink Lady apples had been picked out before we arrived. The kids were however, very happy with the abundant sweet Fuji apples available. 

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