Saturday, December 14, 2013

when it rains...

....if it's cold enough, it ice storms! That was how we started the week, with the children having two 'snow days' away from school. Then a nasty stomach bug kept Mietta at home for the rest of the week. The doctor who had examined Nic for his sore wrist rang to say that the radiologist discovered the sore wrist, was in fact due to a fracture... so off to the orthopedic specialist to have a cast fitted. Returning with Nic and his bright green cast, I had a call from the school nurse to tell me Luc was vomiting. Ah! I picked him up from school and returned to our ailing young girl. With a bug (Norovirus) that didn't let go, Mietta was taken to see her pediatrition Friday morning - who then sent us off to the ER to get Mietta rehydrated. 
poor baby with the biggest smile she could muster
It was wonderful to see a bouncy exuberant young lady this morning. Hydrated, sated tummy, happy and back to her usual chatty self. 
A friend noted that this was sure to get all 'holiday drama' over-and-done-with - so we should have a peaceful vacation. Fingers crossed. 

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