Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Things I have learned in my life so far...

all images from stefan sagmeister site
This is a lovely site. It began as a project by Stefan Sagmeister as a list heading in his diary... and grew into a collaborative project with people submitting imagery relating to things that they believe in or are 'fairly sure about'. There are some lovely and original photographs, montages, video and slideshows - using typography in interesting ways to describe a message or thought.

Photographs by:
Rachel Katstaller & Eduardo Lovo - Designing makes me happy
Marie Loïc Sénamaud - Every Aquisition weighs me down
Ruxandra Duru - Beauty Inspires Me

Found via a Twitter on mapbrisbane

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  1. Eduardo y Rachel, ya decia yo que me parecia conocido!!!!!! congrats! y que orgullosa me siento!