Monday, October 26, 2009

More Pumpkins!

I made a promise of donating a dozen decorated cupcakes to Master 5's school fair... without realizing that we were out of most of the ingredients I needed (thanks to my husband's pancake making!) Once I bought the ingredients, and the cakes were made late at night, I had a small window of opportunity to decorate the cakes on the day they were due: between picking up Master 3 from preschool, wrapping a birthday present, ensuring Little Miss had a nap, packing for the family's night away in Northern Virginia, and picking up Master 5 from school. I bought a packet of pumpkin-shaped candy while shopping that morning, and thought that these might be used somehow. With little time to plan, I decided I would make mini-pumpkin-patch cakes.

It is a bad habit of mine to attempt something new when there is no room for error. By the time I had finished decorating the 12th cake, I thought I had just about worked out how to pipe an icing leaf! I also wish I had given some consideration as to how these would be transported - a difficult task while juggling children and a 'delicate' decoration.

We didn't make it to the school fair as we were attending a birthday party. This was a shame as I was hoping to witness my very first 'cake walk'.

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