Monday, October 19, 2009


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This morning I listened to an interview with Frank Warren - the man behind the idea for PostSecret. I had heard vague things about this project in the past, so it was good to finally know the name of the project and find out a little about the original intent.

The project commenced in 2004 with Frank requesting anonymous postcards be sent to him, describing a personal secret. The postcards must be homemade. The response was huge and Frank still receives some 200 postcards with secrets, via mail, per day. This is in addition to the 'online' secrets he receives via email, Twitter, etc.

Beginning as an experiment, this project has consumed Frank's life and he now does speaking engagements, has written a couple of books, and has assisted in many ways he had never fathomed - including being questioned by the FBI, assisting in Suicide prevention programs, etc.

Fascinating, compelling, upsetting, uplifting... and at times scary! 

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