Sunday, September 20, 2009

Whisk Kid - Rainbow cake

images bu Kaitlin Flannery
I found this stunning looking Rainbow cake at a lovely site called Whisk Kid... following a Twitter posted by Gwen Bell. The author, Kaitlin, really is a kid! Aged 18, this girl has a passion for baking. There are some lovely recipes and some gorgeous photographs of her creations.

The cake reminded me of the Bananarama Cake I have made a couple of times. Looking plain on the outside, the cake reveals an amazing interior once sliced and served. With the Bananarama cake, it is a centre of banana slices as the middle layer of the cake is constructed with concentric rings of whole bananas. This rainbow cake is completely surprising with its unadorned and very simple plain white exterior, and vibrant interior.

All photographs by Kaitlin at Whisk Kid


  1. Nicola from cannock, staffordshire,
    hi, this looks brill!!!
    how do you get the recipe????

  2. The recipe can be found here: