Saturday, September 19, 2009

Things one shouldn't teach one's children

As a parent, one feels their is so much to teach their children about the world, one's environment, etc. Then there are the times that these lessons seem to backfire. 
Take this last week for instance....

Developing an understanding of the cosmos, ones place on earth and the universe... backfired when a large *meteorite* collided with Little Miss's head, courtesy of Master 3's cosmological capability.

Our insistence that our children try new foods to broaden their palate, have an appreciation for other cultures and develop an awareness of where their food originates... backfired when Master 5 took it upon himself to sample some *mushrooms* from the garden. Apparently his little brother was not so enamored with the woody, earthy garden flavors and spat it all out, while Master 5 ingested a full fungi feast. Admitting to this, scored him a trip to the ER. At least now we know where our local ER is!

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