Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mietta turns one

Our darling little girl turned one today! Where did the last year go? Mietta is such a happy little girl, very bright and engaging. She loves people and will often say “Hello” to strangers to gain their attention. Mietta has a cheeky and curious disposition and is quite happy to explore by herself. She is far more verbal than the boys were at the same age, and is developing quite a vocabulary and repertoire of animal noises (largely growls and roars). Our attempts to teach Mietta to safely ‘get down backwards’ seem to be finally sinking in. Despite showing early signs of walking, Mietta prefers to crawl but will walk with toys and while holding our legs. Mietta has ten teeth now and still loves her food. 

The craziness of our move, living amongst boxes, and an unfamiliarity with the local store options meant that we were not quite prepared for Mietta’s birthday. Thank goodness for organised grandparents who managed to have presents arrive in time. Mietta was delighted by all her new gifts. 

Paul wanted to do something special for his favourite daughter - and so made her a carrot birthday cake, complete with cream cheese frosting. This was appreciated by all - especially Mietta - who seems to have a fondness for cake! 

Nanma sent over gifts for the boys so they didn’t feel left out. Nic received Wall-E and Eve figurines. We spent a good portion of the day playing Target- where I would walk into the new playroom, look around and ask Nic (the store assistant), if he had any recommendations for toys that would be good for my ‘three year old son’. Several suggestions would be profferred, I would purchase a toy (mostly the new figurines), then call for (son) Nic, and present him with his new toy. He would be delighted with my choice every time! 

Photo: Mietta surrounded by birthday spoils. 

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