Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we visited a *real* pumpkin patch. Our experience of pumpkin patches has been limited to a wholly urban experience whilst in the City of Chicago with crates of identical pumpkins delivered to an inner city park. These were wonderful events for us due to the novelty value and festival atmosphere.

There really was something special about yesterday's visit to Miller's Farm: being transported to the pumpkin patch via a 'hay ride', then immersing ourselves amongst several varieties of growing pumpkins, still attached to their vines. It was an ideal opportunity to explain to the kids how food is produced.

Our eldest had a hard time choosing amongst all the pumpkins. That is until he had found the largest he could find - some 35 pounds worth! Master 3 was happy with a modest white-skinned pumpkin. Our Little Miss was content to frolic amongst the vines.

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