Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3 weeks old

Three weeks has flown and Mietta is doing really well - although we could all do with a little more sleep ;-)  We did have a few scares early on as Mietta’s white blood cell count measured high when we were still in hospital. This was of some concern to the doctors, as Mietta may have picked up an infection - due to the fast labour and administered penicillin was not in my system for the requisite four hour period needed to ward off a potential Strep B infection. We reached the first week milestone without a hitch (the next critical period).  Now we need to keep a watch for any elevated temperatures during Mietta’s first three months. 

Our sincerest thanks for ALL the well wishes, presents (including those for the boys!), clothing items, toys, food, groceries, home-made items, flowers, cookies, chocolate truffles, home-baked lasagne, and offers to cook dinner. I am SO sorry I have been slack on the email / returning phone calls / blogging / twittering / facebook front. I have just found it a little difficult to forego sleep at any opportunity I have! Trust that I am not ignoring you at all - just finding it a little overwhelming to tackle my HUGE inbox. We have been SUPER grateful, inspired and heartened by all your wonderful offerings, congratulations and best wishes. 

The boys are LOVING their new sister. Luc absolutely adores her. Nic loves his sister too - although I am a little worried that Nic’s adoration might have the potential to turn sour if things do not go so well for him. So far so good - but I daren’t leave Nic alone with Mietta for a moment. Both boys want to hold or ‘carry’ Mietta at every opportunity. I am beginning to think Mietta must be one of the most cuddled little sisters in history! 

Mietta, like her brothers, has an extremely strong neck for a newborn. She constantly lifts her head to look at things - holding it up for the longest time just taking in the world (and has from day one!) I put this down to Paul’s ‘wrestling genes’. We are still counting ‘wind’ as smiling and her ‘cooing’ as words. 

The major differences I have noted between the boys and Mietta thus far include: 
no penis - this is a bizarre sight when we change Mietta’s nappy - although we have become a little more accustomed to it now. Luc has commented several times on Mietta’s lack of a penis - and has wondered if she could wee at all.  

the ‘sneaky wee’ - without the apparatus to create a ‘fountain effect’, I have been caught out a couple of times with wet clothes and change mat - the result of a sneaky wee that I failed to notice happen. 

arms that do not separate from the torso - I have found it extremely difficult to dress Mietta. It only occurred to me today why: both Luc and Nic were born at hot times of the year and were only ever dressed in singlets or very light suits as newborns. The change in weather here has meant more clothes for Mietta - including long sleeves that are a nightmare to put on when one is in a hurry! 

big voice - I don’t know if the steroids I was given during premature labour had anything to do with it (?!), but Mietta definitely has the loudest voice of all three kids - she does NOT like being ignored!

My mother Hazel is still here and has been doing a stellar job looking after the boys, soothing a crying / wet / uncomfortable baby and making sure lunches, snacks and playtime are attended too. Luc is loving having an adoring Nanma to play with him constantly. Thanks mum! 

Photo: Nicolas ‘carrying the baby’ 

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