Monday, September 8, 2008

40 weeks!

We made it! We have reached full-term. 40 weeks today. WOOHOO. Of course, 4 hospital visits during the course of this pregnancy has made me somewhat nervous about making it this far! 

The insurance industry being what it is over here, has mandated that pregnancies over 41 weeks will not be covered by insurance. This, my Obstetrician’s schedule, the likelihood that labor will be fairly rapid and the fact that I have picked up some bug called ‘Strep B’ along the way (and will need to have a course of antibiotics to stop the baby getting sick, prior to delivery)... have all resulted in the decision to induce this baby. I have not been very happy with the idea of this as I found that labor with Nicolas (an induced birth) was more painful than a natural delivery.  I am now resigned to this happening - tomorrow! So... if baby doesn’t decide to arrive this evening, we will likely have a new baby arrive sometime tomorrow. I figure that a 09/09 birthday will be easy for me to remember (don’t have to remember to reverse the month / day). I am still remaining open-minded about having an epidural... perhaps I will succumb this time?

My mother Hazel arrived last Thursday night and is recovering from jet-lag as rapidly as she can. At least Mum has had an opportunity to rest a little, prior to taking charge of the boys. Sebastien, my sister’s partner is in Chicago attending a conference. We caught up with Sebastien after he arrived on Saturday night. Hopefully he will find some time to come and see the new baby before he leaves. 

Luc told me last week “I don’t think you have a baby in there. Every time I put my hand on your tummy, I don’t feel anything. I think your tummy is big because you eat too many treats!” Yes, that is probably true... but I figure it is the last time in my life that I can truly indulge myself guilt-free. ;-)

Photo: The final bump days. 

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