Monday, September 15, 2008

What’s in a name?

Luc always wanted another brother “Just like Nic” to play with. About a month or so ago, he said “it would be OK to have a sister” - this arrived after my propaganda campaign presenting the joys of having BOTH a brother AND a sister (just like Mummy and Daddy have) - to ward off any ill-feeling if we did in fact have a little girl. It is with great relief therefore, to see Luc so smitten with Mietta.  Luc is finding it hard to leave her alone and wants to show Mietta everything. Last night (with Nanma’s help), Luc gave Mietta a house tour - showing her every room and explaining to her what each room’s purpose was “Mietta, this is your mummy and daddy’s bathroom. Here is the toilet, here is the bath and here are two places to wash your hands...” Luc can’t wait to play with Mietta and is showing her lots of toys and his favourite things. It is hard to explain to young children that babies cannot yet see very well - and that blurry outlines are the best they can manage at such a young age. Nic loves to come into our room to visit ‘Metta’. He likes to explain his knowledge of how the “baby was in mummy’s tummy”, but now she is out and she cries because “baby’s sad”. 

Prior to the birth, Luc was pondering several name choices: in particular, ‘Han Solo’ if the baby were a boy, or ‘Princess Leia’ if the baby were a girl - he was also willing to go with a simple ‘Leia’ (and drop the Princess title). Just before Mietta was born, Luc added the girl’s name ‘Martha’ - a favourite book character, from the Martha Speaks range of books. 

Speaking of inventive names, the boys had turned their play barn on its side and this presented whole new possibilities for a new imaginary character. All of a sudden, the barn became an eating monster (a la Monster House) - consuming all manner of small toys. Luc called it “Doctor Devour”. We have no idea where this name came from, but we were super-impressed at its inventiveness! 

Photo: Mietta in hospital... will have to get the camera out again!

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