Friday, June 14, 2013

Sorbet... of the Strawberry Variety

I had some strawberries taking up valuable real estate in the refrigerator. These weren't at their best, but were perfect to puree... Voila. Sorbet!

I usually make sorbet using a heavy simple syrup (1 part water to 1 part sugar), but in the interest of reducing our sugar intake, I made a light simple syrup (2 parts water to 1 part sugar). I have read about this product - a sugar and stevia blend - but have not found it as yet. Sorbets would be a great way to try it out. 

I pureed the strawberries and ended up with 350ml liquid. I added a teaspoon of Rose Water and the same proportion (350ml) of syrup. I chilled the combined liquid in the freezer to get really cold (but not frozen). 
Before I poured the strawberry syrup mix into our icecream maker, I stirred through one egg white. I started the machine and waited until it thickened and would churn no more. 
The addition of an eggwhite gives the sorbet a 'whipped' texture - very creamy. I had to extract half the sorbet mix before it overflowed from the top of the icecream machine! I think the maximum liquid for this machine might be about 500ml. 

The sorbet would have benefitted from some time in the freezer... but the kids were too eager to try it. I know from past experience that liquids to be frozen into ice treats such as popsicles need to be taste a little 'too' sweet - as the sweetness seems to disappear upon freezing. No one even noticed that this sorbet was 'less sweet' than usual. 

This sorbet was super creamy coming out of the icecream maker. Serving it the second night, it had a more icy texture. This forum discusses sugar ratio and the impact of this upon the creaminess of sorbet and ice cream. Another means of lowering the freezing point is to add alcohol... perhaps a little Cointreau might be nice.


  1. A simple way of making it, and it looks yummy (and colourful) too.

    1. Kids love this!
      ....and their parents too :-)