Sunday, June 2, 2013

Backyard Bowls

my backyard quinoa breakfast bowl
jenni's green acai bowl
While in Santa Barbara, we had a DELICIOUS breakfast at Backyard Bowls before heading to the beach to let the children splash a while. This cafe is a Santa Barbara bred business, started by two men who loved this type of food (surfing sustenance), and loved Santa Barbara. They combined the two and Backyard Bowls was born. The food is fresh, local and/or organic. They do use frozen fruits (particularly the acai berries) for the acai bowls. 
sebastien's berry acai bowl
I was fortunate to have Jenni introduce me to this cafe. Without some notion of this type of food, there is no indication of what you will actually be served. There is a detailed list of the ingredients included in each dish... but what it actually looked like, I had no idea! The cafe would really benefit from some good photos of their products displayed - as the dishes really 'wowed' when they were delivered. 

I had a quinoa bowl made with steamed cashew milk, raisins, walnuts and covered with fresh blueberries, strawberries and agave. A great source of protein to start the morning. Jenni and Sebastien ate acai bowls and the kids ate hot muesli.

The cafe was very loud with Vitamix blenders... blending. We chose to sit outside, away from the cacaphony. Vitamix blenders, despite the raves I have heard from owners, are just too expensive an investment for us at the moment. Perhaps one day... then we will make our own version of these yummy dishes :-)
kids eating spartan museli


  1. Ah goji berries - so delicious and one thing that is cheaper here in China (one should hope so, they grow here!)

  2. Hey Jen... you commented as me! How did that happen?