Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Farmers Markets

While in Santa Barbara, we visited one of Jenni's favorite Farmers' Markets. What a pleasure shopping in an organic market - where the food looked oh-so-fresh... and real! I have always been dubious about the authenticity of 'organic' food in this country - the perfection quite unlike the organic food found in other countries.  

I thought I'd share some images of the wonderful food I snapped. 
I have tasted Pluots before, but all of us were far more impressed with the luscious taste of Apriums. Each of these fruits being a hybrid of Plum and Apricots. The stall owner noted that a Mango-Apricot hybrid fruit would be available mid to late June. It is a shame none of us will be around to try this. 
'Nature's candy' as my kids are fond of calling brilliant looking Summer fruits. 
Grown in many a home-garden (including our parent's), Australians are more familiar with Silverbeet - named Chard in the US. This spectacularly-colored Rainbow Chard is known as five-color silverbeet in Australia, and is actually a mix of several species and not a single variety.
The orangey colored beets were grated into a delicious make-do salad a couple of nights later. 

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