Thursday, June 8, 2006

Fetch puppy

Luc is dog mad. I think this has been quite apparent in his collection of stuffed animals of the canine variety. His very first ‘cuddly’ was ‘P’ or ‘Pup P’ whom he used to carry around everywhere. He had been given this dog as a Christmas present at his first Christmas. To avoid some of the separation anxieties experienced when Luc’s cousin Jacob was separated from his ‘Ruff’ for a whole weekend (and the hell he put his parents through), we bought two replacement puppies and were careful to rotate these on a regular basis to ensure that they were equally ‘loved’ (read matted / bedraggled  / scruffy). 

Luc has a need to ‘chat’ to almost every dog he sees in the street, even if this is just to greet the dog with a “Hello puppy dawg”. We have had conversations with many of our neighbours this way, and most dog owners are only too happy to make a brief stop so Luc can pat the dog and have a brief conversation. This takes place mostly with a lot of giggling and some dodging and weaving of displays of affection (on Luc’s and sometimes the dogs behalf). 

The ultimate expression of Luc’s obsession became the evident the other day when he raced up to me in the park and started kissing my face. I was a little startled and asked him what all this affection was for. He made some slurp slurp sounds and then woofed. It dawned on me, Luc was a puppy. I asked him if he was a puppy. He answered “Woof”. It was official. I asked him to sit. He did so. I then asked him to bring me a stick. He obliged, so I threw it for him and commanded "Fetch Puppy!” Puppy Luc dutifully retrieved the stick for me, so I threw it again. This game continued for some time until I thought I would try another command. “Roll over”. Puppy Luc rolled over. I thought this was hilarious. I have never seen such a happy puppy with bright blue eyes and dimples. 

Luc has continued to be a puppy all week, particularly in the park. I have had to explain this to people when Luc’s greeting comes across as a growl. He has added playing dead to his repertoire of tricks (thanks to Harry the Dirty Dog), although he hasn’t seen the point in begging... yet. 

As a puppy, Luc is quite well trained and responsive. I wish Luc the toddler had the same degree of respect! 

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