Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The boy who cries poo

This being a blog with a family (and young child) focus, it was inevitable that we get around to the subject of poo. Here are a few toilet-related anecdotes. 

I was having a shower the other morning and Nic was crawling around the bathroom floor. He got my attention by kicking the bathroom rubbish bin (the metal sound made a great noise against the tiles). I took a peek out to find a very good imitation of the Kleenex / Cottonelle puppy toilet tissue commercial. Nic had caught himself in the toilet paper (bathroom tissue), and this had travelled with him across the floor. He was having a great time (see photo above).

Luc is not yet toilet trained at this stage. He has shown absolutely no interest in being trained. So, we have taken the advice of many a wise parent and carer and not bothered. We haven’t even bought a potty – since it was explained that it was easier in the long run, without. 

I have an open door policy whenever I go to the toilet. This is particularly important in public toilets, so it happens at home too, although Paul is not so keen on it! Whenever I flush the toilet, for whatever reason, Luc exclaims “Good-bye Poo” or (to my horror) “See you later Poo!” This happens in public toilets too – which can be rather embarrassing! 

It is amazing the lengths children will go to gain attention. I’m sure that every parent has experienced the child that needs to be picked up / fed / read to / cuddled / supervised / dressed… as soon as one picks up the telephone to make a phone call. When Luc needs attention, he tells us “Poo!” We ask if he has done one, he says “yes”, but when we inspect, there is no poo in sight. Luc – 1, Parents – 0.  Since a recent bout of vomiting, Luc’s attention seeking repertoire has extended to include, “Mummy, Daddy, I burp… in the bucket” which has seen us jump to lesser heights the more we have heard it.  

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