Friday, August 28, 2009

Home Soon Home

I have been offline for several days now as we made our way from Chicago to rural Virginia. Our apartment was packed up on Monday, the truck arrived Tuesday and took away all our 'stuff'. We drove out of Chicago on Tuesday afternoon.

We felt very sad to say goodbye to Chicago and all our lovely friends and neighbors - but were buoyed by a nervous excitement.

We stayed with some good friends in NOVA (Northern Virginia) and made it to Fredericksburg on Thursday in time to close on our new house. Of course there were a few frayed nerves and tense moments - despite the absolute joy of packing up a house and moving across the country with three young children in tow ;-)

We used Mayflower movers for several reasons: a glowing report from Design Mom during her recent move, an impeccably good reputation, a number of add-on benefits, and most importantly - the fastest promised delivery time. You will therefore sense our frustration when we were able to track our truck passing through Fredericksburg this evening... but are not to expect our items to arrive until Tuesday! Fingers crossed that the driver finishes his other deliveries quickly and we can have our things this weekend.

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