Sunday, April 19, 2009

Daughter, sister, friend

Paul and I had been musing on the possibility of another daughter / sister for Mietta.  As we both have sister/s, this seemed like a shortcoming for Mietta - given she has two big brothers. We are obviously still in the ‘absolutely smitten’ stage of Mietta’s development: after all, she has not yet learnt to say “NO!” 

I related this fantasy to friends Gabrielle and Joanne who both gave a resounding “Forget it!” and then listed numerous reasons why being an only girl growing up with two brothers (as they both had) presented some major benefits... And besides, they added, there is no guarantee that we would get a girl and we might end up with yet another boy! With such compelling persuasion, and a recent sickness from Mietta, (with continual night-waking) this fantasy has been dropped. 

Photo: My sister Jenni catches a moment between Mietta and myself. 

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