Friday, April 3, 2009

Arnesby... he we are!

What a very long day we have had... but such a very short one at the same time. Without much sleep, and a whole heap of travel, Mietta and I have arrived in the UK this morning and now the day is almost done! 

We flew from Chicago to Manchester, caught two trains to Leicester, were collected by my sister Jenni, and now we find ourselves in the very bucolic and beautiful village of Arnesby, about 20 minutes from Leicester. I finally met my very cute niece Blanche for the first time, now 15 months old. We arrived in classic dreary English mist. During the train journey, I was immediately taken by the verdant green of the fields and glassy canals with the richly decorated narrow boats. Rows of attached and semi-detached ‘small-looking’ brick houses all looking the same helped remind me that I was in the UK. 

A crash on the couch and I awoke to a beautiful Spring afternoon with clear blue sky and birdsong. Jenni took us for a walk about the village, stopping to see some chickens, pick up a couple of fresh, free-range eggs, view farmlife, chat to neighbours and see abundant spring daffodils. 

There is something very comforting about being surrounded by English people (!). Who know you really mean “yes, I do want help” when you initially say “no thanks”, who understand immediately that I am an Australian (and all that entails) and possess that underlying sharp wit and sarcasm that I find so heartening. 

Photo: some neighbour horses hanging out in Arnesby

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