Sunday, February 24, 2008

Super Luc

Luc hosted his 4th birthday party at Jump Ahead Academy yesterday afternoon. This was a great success. The children arrived at 3pm - had an hours worth of jumping, rolling, hanging, leaping, climbing, falling and bouncing on all the gymnastic equipment, then retired to a party room for cake and pizza! 

This was definitely the easiest and least stressful birthday party ever! We ordered a massive cake (in requisite chocolate - filled with strawberries) from our favourite local bakery, the Austrian Bakery, and some really wonderful pizzas from Marcellos on North Ave. We provided fruit and fruit juice as a healthy contrast (!). 

All the children were so well behaved and all had a great time messing about. The adults enjoyed the fact that the children could not escape and couldn’t break anything. Luc was a charming host and really enjoyed this role. 

Our only regret is that poor old Nicolas was not able to make it along. Nic had a raging fever the day before and threw up the morning of the party. We were hoping he might recover enough to make it along for cake at the end of the party - but alas, not enough. Wonderful Ashley came to our rescue to babysit at short notice. Thank you Ashley. Thank you Eme and Megan (from Jump Ahead) for making the party so successful (and doing all the cleaning up!). Thank you to Anahera, Max, James, William, Callan, Finn, Emily, Rachel, Hannah, Joshua, Joseph, David and all the mums and dads for making Luc’s day so wonderful. 

Photo: Luc only had eyes for his friend Anahera - serious crush going on here a number concluded! 

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